yorkie dog


The adult Yorkshire Terriers pictured here are not for sale; they are part of our family and our breeding program. To learn more about this breed…


Our tiny Korean import, Simba, is what some people call an extreme baby doll faced Yorkie but in our house, we just call him “The Boss”.



From his thick, dark coat and big round eyes to his gentle ways, Pinch is his dad NikNak’s clone and I am beyond thrilled that he will carry the torch now that
Nik is spending his retirement curled up in my husband’s lap.


My Girls


Petunia is pretty as the flower she is named after but you’ll have to take my word for it because she absolutely hates the camera and hides her face
every time I try to take her picture. Her first litter was 4 baby doll faced puppies and I was so in love with them that her son Mojo stayed here and will
be joining our breeding program when he grows up.



I always say that I could have 50 Yorkies if they were all like Dali. With her laid back temperament and loving disposition, she is the easiest dog I’ve ever
had and her babies are just as sweet as she is.



Meet our resident princess. Every so often Coco will come down from her “throne” on the back of the sofa for a belly rub and kisses and those are some
of my favorite times of the day.


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